calorie density of food

Why the Caloric Density of Food Matters

How Does Calorie Density Affect Your Food Choices?   Although it’s not as popular as calorie counting or counting your macros, understanding caloric density helps you control your diet and either lose fat or gain muscle depending on your goals.   What Does Caloric Density Mean? Caloric density refers to the relationship between how many […]

Manage Portion Control Like a Pro

Portion control is the ultimate way to prevent weight gain. Food has such a big impact on your well-being, not just your physical shape and what the scale says. It impacts your mood, your stamina, your outlook, all of which affect the people you love. If food can impact all that, isn’t it worth paying […]

Snacking Before a Workout: To Eat or Not to Eat?

Snacking can be an awful habit, but it’s not one you need to break. It’s one you should adjust. Understanding the importance of snacking before a workout and after a workout will help you better shape your nutrition habits and, in turn, your figure. Why Snack? Snacking is actually an essential part of your workout regimen. […]

Learn the Awesome Benefits of Drinking Water

Fad diets. Pricey spa procedures. People do some crazy stuff to lose weight and feel healthier. However, one of the top things you can do for your body is also one of the simplest: drink more water. 1. Water helps your muscles perform better. Dehydrated muscles don’t perform as well, which means you could find […]


I’m skipping meals…why am I not losing weight? It’s a common question. And, at first glance, it seems to make sense that missing a meal would result in weight loss–after all, you’re reducing your calorie intake. In reality, the human body operates at a level far more complex than simple subtraction. Learn the real story […]


If you’re working to make positive lifestyle changes, including changing your nutrition habits, it may seem nearly impossible to enjoy dining out with friends. A whopping 92 percent of restaurant meals contain more calories than is recommended for an average person, according to a recent study in the Journal of American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. But don’t […]


“I want to ‘tone up.’” This is one of the most common things we hear at the Un-Gym, our personal training studio in Lancaster, PA. “I don’t want to get ‘bulky,’ though,” is the inevitable follow-up. This is understandable–most people, especially women, don’t want to look like a hulking bodybuilder. They just want to look […]


Eating out or grabbing something to go doesn’t have to be bad for your body. There are places right around the corner that offer excellent healthy alternatives that your body will love Instead of stopping at a greasy fast-food establishment for a quick and easy meal or feeling tempted to order that devilish dish of […]

Healthy Holiday Food Choices: Family Edition

Making merry doesn’t need to weigh your family down with excess calories, fat, and sugar. Eat smart this holiday season with these tips for choosing the right foods and getting your family involved in menu planning and food prep. Holiday happenings are notorious for adding jiggle to the waistline. While estimates vary, most experts agree […]

5 Common Healthy Eating Myths Exposed

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. How many times have you heard that adage? Too many to count. ​ Eating healthy is one of the most important ways to care for your body. We all want to live life to the fullest, but many of us don’t treat our bodies with the attention […]

Don’t Give in to Your Food Cravings

Cravings. We all face them in different ways. Some have a standing date with the refrigerator every night at 2 a.m., others grab a quick, unhealthy snack on the go when they think no one is watching. Food compulsions are serious issues for many people, and they often have nothing to do with hunger or […]

Top 10 Healthy Living Apps for Your Smartphone

We recently compiled a list of our favorite healthy living apps you can use almost anywhere. From monitoring your nutrition intake to adding upbeat music to your daily routine all from your mobile device, maintaining your health has never been easier. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker By: MyFitnessPal Platform: iOS, Android Price: Free (In-App Purchases Available) / Purchase […]