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Why You Don’t Need Equipment to Get in Shape

Why You Don’t Need Gym Equipment to Get a Good Workout   When you think about getting in shape, you probably picture of a gym filled with treadmills, weights, and barbells. Although this equipment makes for some great workouts, it isn’t a necessary component to getting in shape. You can train from the comfort of […]

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What Exactly Counts as Cardio?

Why you should incorporate cardio into your workout routine..and why it doesn’t need to be intimidating “Slow and steady wins the race.” It’s a phrase that’s often applied to individuals who are either new to working out, or have returned to it after a long time off. The reason for that? Because it’s true! Try […]

Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Balance

Wendy suffered from debilitating back pain. As if needing assistance to sit or stand wasn’t enough, the pain got so bad that it began traveling through her body and she lost feeling in her left leg. After surgery and months of physical therapy, doctors cautioned her to avoid falling at all costs—the impact for her […]

Become the Next Mud Run Champ

Own the mud run course this year by tackling your obstacles ahead of time. Workout Tips Persistence is key when improving endurance, strength, and agility. Build yourself up to take the mud run down. Reserve at Least Half an Hour Twice a Week for Training Working out regularly yields better results. If you’re participating with […]


Twisting and turning and calorie burning, there are a number of ways exercise can improve your sex life. Most people’s self-image is reflected in how they carry themselves. Those less comfortable in their skin are less confident in their day-to-day activities. Improving body image can lead to an increase in self-confidence and add a little […]


Winter is not a time of hibernation. We’re not bears. ​ It is important to stay active all year long. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of fun winter activities for you and your family to explore this season. From roller skating to ballroom dancing, it’s easy to stay entertained all winter long. […]


“I want to ‘tone up.’” This is one of the most common things we hear at the Un-Gym, our personal training studio in Lancaster, PA. “I don’t want to get ‘bulky,’ though,” is the inevitable follow-up. This is understandable–most people, especially women, don’t want to look like a hulking bodybuilder. They just want to look […]

Find the Best Personal Trainer for You

You’ve tried many things to lose weight, get in shape, tone up, build muscle, get stronger and get healthier, but haven’t been as successful as you would have liked to have on your own. So you are considering turning to a professional for help in your journey to a better you. Here are some tips […]

Top 10 Healthy Living Apps for Your Smartphone

We recently compiled a list of our favorite healthy living apps you can use almost anywhere. From monitoring your nutrition intake to adding upbeat music to your daily routine all from your mobile device, maintaining your health has never been easier. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker By: MyFitnessPal Platform: iOS, Android Price: Free (In-App Purchases Available) / Purchase […]