holiday weight gain

3 Strategies to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

How to Avoid Weight Gain this Holliday Season Feeling sluggish and lazy during the winter is only exacerbated by warm, butter-filled treats and cold weather. Why exercise and eat healthy when you can huddle under the blankets with Christmas cookies, right? Not exactly. While having a cozy holiday season is important, staying on track with […]

healthy thanksgiving recipes

4 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes for the Whole Family

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes for Everyone to Enjoy Thanksgiving. A time to show gratitude and appreciation and pile around with friends and family and share food and laughs with those we love. Unfortunately, it’s often a time to pile on the excess calories.  We tend to stuff ourselves as much as we do the turkey.   Usually, […]

calorie density of food

Why the Caloric Density of Food Matters

How Does Calorie Density Affect Your Food Choices?   Although it’s not as popular as calorie counting or counting your macros, understanding caloric density helps you control your diet and either lose fat or gain muscle depending on your goals.   What Does Caloric Density Mean? Caloric density refers to the relationship between how many […]

what is cardio

What Exactly Counts as Cardio?

Why you should incorporate cardio into your workout routine..and why it doesn’t need to be intimidating “Slow and steady wins the race.” It’s a phrase that’s often applied to individuals who are either new to working out, or have returned to it after a long time off. The reason for that? Because it’s true! Try […]


9 Things You Should Know About Your Metabolism

WHAT THERE IS TO LEARN ABOUT MAINTAINING A HEALTHY METABOLISM? We all know people who can eat anything they please without it affecting their weight or physique. They’re people just like you. So, what is it about them that’s different?   If you ask how they manage to eat a dozen doughnuts, fit in their […]

Importance of Portion Control

The Importance of Portion Control

Many people find that the hardest part of their health journey is getting their nutrition in check. In recent decades, the average portion sizes in the United States have gradually increased, which studies have shown are playing a large part in the obesity epidemic. Practicing portion control will help you reach your health goals and […]

Self-Care for Parents

Back To School, Back To You: Self-Care for Parents

How To Make Time and Space in Your Life To Focus On Taking Care of Yourself   Finding time to take care of yourself can be difficult all year round, but when the kids are home for the summer and constantly need something from you, it can be even worse. Social interaction, health, and even […]

fun exercise

Fun Exercise Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy!

Check Out These Fun Exercises for the Whole Family! Coming up with fun exercises and incorporating them into your family’s healthy lifestyle not only helps everyone stay in shape, it can be a great bonding experience. Here is how you can incorporate fun exercise into your family’s schedule! Explore the Great Outdoors The studies surrounding […]

healthy lifestyle kids

How to Get Your Kids on Board with a Healthy Lifestyle

Getting Your Kids Into a Healthy Lifestyle The statistic is sobering: As of October 2017, the national childhood obesity rate was an astounding 18.5 percent. No one wants their children to become part of that statistic, which means acquainting them with a healthy lifestyle is a must. Although getting kids on board can be difficult, […]

lancaster summer activities

5 Lancaster Summer Activities to Get Your Heart Rate Up!

Are you looking to explore the beautiful city of Lancaster and get in shape this summer while you’re doing it? Whether it’s a date night or a family night out, there’s always a way to get some exercise while still having fun. Check out these Lancaster summer activities that won’t feel like a workout!   […]

Mindset Affects Your Workout Results

How Mindset Affects Your Workout Results

How a Positive Mindset Positively Affects Your Workout The biggest roadblock standing in the way between you and a fitness program may be your own thinking! Mindset plays a key role in how you view yourself, your physical abilities and mindset affects your workout results! At Cause and Effects Fitness, our certified personal trainers take […]

retirement fitness plan

What to Include in Your Retirement Fitness Plan

Cross “get fit” off your bucket list. You’ve worked hard all your life, followed a financial plan to put money aside and grow it to build your life in order to be able to retire. But do you have a plan in place to have the health and vitality to enjoy that wealth? In addition […]


Psst… If No One Has Told You–You Are Worth It

Don’t Let The Feeling “I’m Not Worth It” Hold You Back by Coach Chad, Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Behavior Change Specialist So, you’re not happy with the current state of your body and you’re thinking it’s time to do something.  It’s time to make some changes. As Jim Rohn says, “If you want things […]

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Change can be scary. Especially because we imagine all of the worst possibilities of what might happen if we change. It’s easier to stick with the status quo and hide in our little comfort zone cocoon. But as the saying goes, “Nothing changes until you change.” If you’re not happy with the way things are […]

Manage Portion Control Like a Pro

Portion control is the ultimate way to prevent weight gain. Food has such a big impact on your well-being, not just your physical shape and what the scale says. It impacts your mood, your stamina, your outlook, all of which affect the people you love. If food can impact all that, isn’t it worth paying […]

Snacking Before a Workout: To Eat or Not to Eat?

Snacking can be an awful habit, but it’s not one you need to break. It’s one you should adjust. Understanding the importance of snacking before a workout and after a workout will help you better shape your nutrition habits and, in turn, your figure. Why Snack? Snacking is actually an essential part of your workout regimen. […]

Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Balance

Wendy suffered from debilitating back pain. As if needing assistance to sit or stand wasn’t enough, the pain got so bad that it began traveling through her body and she lost feeling in her left leg. After surgery and months of physical therapy, doctors cautioned her to avoid falling at all costs—the impact for her […]

Become the Next Mud Run Champ

Own the mud run course this year by tackling your obstacles ahead of time. Workout Tips Persistence is key when improving endurance, strength, and agility. Build yourself up to take the mud run down. Reserve at Least Half an Hour Twice a Week for Training Working out regularly yields better results. If you’re participating with […]

Learn the Awesome Benefits of Drinking Water

Fad diets. Pricey spa procedures. People do some crazy stuff to lose weight and feel healthier. However, one of the top things you can do for your body is also one of the simplest: drink more water. 1. Water helps your muscles perform better. Dehydrated muscles don’t perform as well, which means you could find […]


I’m skipping meals…why am I not losing weight? It’s a common question. And, at first glance, it seems to make sense that missing a meal would result in weight loss–after all, you’re reducing your calorie intake. In reality, the human body operates at a level far more complex than simple subtraction. Learn the real story […]