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We help people who are sick of the “no pain, no gain”, punish yourself with hours of boring cardio and deprivation “diets” approach to losing weight and getting in shape.

No matter where you are starting from, we can help you reach your goals, and have fun doing it!

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Lancaster, PA

Lose The Weight,

Never Find It Again

Learn healthy habits that will last you a lifetime.

Ditch the “quick fix,” go back to what you were doing before aproach.

Get the fit, healthy body that you want. Get to the place where you feel good about yourself–and stay there.

Ignite Your Motivation

Get the Kickstart you need to fire up your motivation. We measure your progress, and once you see it, it gets the momentum rolling so you’ll never want to stop.

Guidance, Accountability, and Support until you achieve your goals.

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If you are looking to lose weight, tone up, and get in shape, you’ve come to the right place…

You’ve Come To The Home of The Top Personal Trainers and Nutrition Coaches In Lancaster, PA

Personal Trainers and Coaches Who Care

–And Hold You Accountable

The top personal trainers and nutrition coaches in Lancaster, PA who care about you as a person and about your goals–and guide you and hold you accountable until you achieve them.

Fuel Your Motivation

G.A.S. To Your Goals

We help you develop a customized plan to achieve your goals, guide you every step of the way through it, hold you accountable, and support you. We will not let you fail.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried multiple diets, going to the gym on your own (or not going because you feel out of place there), but haven’t been able to stick to it. The problem isn’t with you. It’s the standard approach you’ve been trying to take.

We can help put you on the path to sustainable, lasting results.


We will coach you every step of the way until you reach your goals and achieve more than you ever thought possible!

You will learn from Lancaster, PA’s top personal trainers the most effective exercises to achieve your goals and how to do them safely, and learn from top nutrition coaches how to eat according to your goals.


Get the accountability you need to stay on track to your goals and the gentle encouragement to get back on track when you find yourself off course. We won’t let you fail!


Get the support of coaches who care about you and from a community of people who share your goals and values.

We will give you a plan and the support to stick to it until you achieve your goals. Your success is guaranteed!

You Are Always Busy Taking Care of Others–

Time Take Care of Yourself

Lancaster PA Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching Client Amy Troyer Before and After


Amy Troyer Went From Frustrated To Feeling Great!

Lost 100 lbs. and 48 Inches From Her Body!

“The image I had of myself in my head and the image that I saw in the mirror didn’t match and I didn’t want to be that person anymore, and I wanted those two to match. I remember saying I want to wear that little Black dress, I want to be able to go on the roller coaster rides and not have to worry about “Will I fit in the seat?” I want to be able to travel with my kids and not have to think about “Ugh..such a pain “and “What if I’m unable to fit in that seat on the airplane?” and all of those things that were starting to hold me back and I didn’t like the idea that my weight was starting to hold me back from the activities that I wanted to do and the life that I wanted to have.

I have lost–from my highest I’ve lost 100 pounds–and I’m delighted in that! But I’m also at the point that I really don’t care how much more weight I lose. I’m about figuring out do I have…am I fit?…am I toned?…do I have the muscle—I mean, look, I got a bicep muscle now that I never had before. So those are the things I’m happy about when I think about where I’m at and where I am going.

So if you’re an individual who is at the point that I was a year ago– you’re frustrated with where you are with your weight, it just doesn’t feel like a diet and exercise plan is going to work for you you must be one of those people where there’s just no way you can lose weight…I would absolutely recommend Cause and Effects Fitness.”

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Confused Where To Start?

We created this simple scorecard to help you evaluate yourself on 8 different fitness and wellness indicators. Taking it will give you a clearer picture on where to start for maximum results.

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Learn more about achieving your health and fitness goals with our proven systems for lasting results.

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